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I was hooked to the app and it had become part of my daily regimen to read it! Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing and simplistic it is. All in all, great app!!! I love this app and it has been pretty much spot on, eerily so at times My only gripe is that after adding friends and family, I noticed that much of the phrasing between charts is identical.

Inside Refinery29’s Snapchat Discover Operation

I DO love the categorized readings as well as the descriptive positional blurbs at the bottom of each reading. Also more in-depth interpersonal readings. It IS astrology though I understand that each and every chart is wholly subjective to each human person and experience. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iMessage.

Flipboard: Your Taurus Horoscope For Is Here

Description Co—Star is a hyper-personalized, social experience bringing astrology into the 21st century. Create a new financial story for yourself in Still, with all of this good fortune coming your way, it will be important for you to recognize that you deserve it as a keen sense of self worth will be your way to attract more of what you want.

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However, with no-nonsense Saturn in Capricorn camped out in your zone of income, and the eclipses landing across your financial sector, now is not the time for handling your finances or your goals with an ad-hoc approach. Honor your worth. Stability can be yours. Look to this eclipse and Saturn in Capricorn to help you with asserting your confidence so you can move away from an unfulfilling job situation, using money as a means of proving your worthiness to others, or denying yourself of the things you desire.

Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 29 | leonine | Horoscope july, April horoscope, Horoscope may

Though you may prefer to work alone for much of the year, networking could be a jackpot. It's your year to thrive. Your financial hopes and wishes could come true this year, though it may require some confidence and taking a few risks to get what you want.

This particular eclipse will sextile with Uranus, making it a much more lighthearted than 's first lunar eclipse. You may find that you want to change who you spend your time with — you may even wish to branch out and find a whole new community. Come winter, we'll have an annular ring-shaped or total solar eclipse in Capricorn on December This eclipse will put work back on our brains, highlighting any work habits that need adjusting.

Watch out for high expectations and overspending around January 13, June 16, and September If hope is hard to come by on these days, relax and remember that challenges arrive in order to teach us important lessons. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio.

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In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it.

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